What is ASMR and why is ASMR so popular

You’ve probably seen an asmr video on platforms like youtube. After you have seen asmr for the first time, you probably are wondering what asmr is and why asmr is so popular?

ASMR is a great experience and does no harm at all. Because people are getting those experiences with asmr, they are going to recommend it to others.

This also happened on Youtube. After a couple of asmr videos, there are plenty of videos out there just because people are enjoying it. It became even more popular because some celebrities are talking about asmr, and are very open about it. Just like Cardi B who made an asmr video on the W magazine channel.

What is ASMR?

Normally asmr is described with lots of difficult and unfamiliar words, but today I’m going to explain asmr as easy as possible. So what is asmr?

ASMR is an abbreviation of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. ASMR is like a tingly feeling that mostly starts by your scalp and goes through your spine to your whole body. The feeling is mostly triggered when just watching an asmr video, but can also be triggered in daily life.

Some people call it a Braingasm too. And it is obvious where that term is coming from (Brain orgasm). Because if you are sensitive to asmr, it can feel like a brain massage. Some consider asmr as sexual or erotic, but that is not 100% fair. It is proven that asmr is not build up to reach a climax, that is why braingasm is not the right word to use.

Not everyone is sensitive for asmr, so not everyone gets “the tingles” when watching asmr. But for most people, asmr is relaxing and helping them to sleep.

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What are ASMR tingles

The experience of asmr can be a tingly feeling, but also be very relaxing. Some people are using it to help them to fall asleep, and the other is using asmr while working. The tingles can be either visual as auditory and sometimes even physically touching like massages.

Here some examples of asmr tingles:

  • Visual: Watching to slow movement like a hand that goes up and down in front of you at a very low pace.
  • Auditory: The most common trigger and very popular among the YouTubers. Auditory got a big assortment of triggers. Tapping, scratching, ear cupping, trigger words, and mouth sounds are some examples.
  • Physically: When people touching you very gently, you can experience asmr. This is not always considered as ASMR but can be sometimes.

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Why is ASMR so popular?

The reason why asmr has become so popular is that asmr is seen less as a taboo than before. Because it is less a taboo, more people are starting to watch and create asmr.

Some people still don’t talk about asmr with their friends or family, because they are in shame. But by the time this shame is going to decrease a lot. I can imagine that you feel awkward to talk about something that no one is understanding. I’m happy that asmr became more popular so it is easier to talk about it without feeling ashamed.

Many YouTubers talk about asmr, and even celebrities are saying that they enjoy ASMR too. This now works like a snowball effect. It started with a small fanbase, and now almost everyone is experiencing it also because their idol likes it too.

Of course, there are people who already liked asmr before the hype. But most of the people who find out asmr now is because their favorite YouTuber is reacting on asmr videos. That is why asmr is so popular.

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