How to get tingles from ASMR

If you are experiencing ASMR you probably get tingles when watching asmr videos. But what if you do not get the tingles. Are you immune for asmr or are you doing it the wrong way? I can help you with how to get tingles from ASMR.

What are ASMR tingles

Before you want to know how to get tingles from asmr, you should know what the tingles are, and how the asmr tingles feel like.

ASMR is an experience that is recognized by the tingly feeling on the skin. Most of the time the feeling or the tingles how people call it begins by the scalp. From here it goes down to the neck and the upper spine. Some people even feel it even from the scalp to the toes.

The ASMR tingles are mostly triggered by auditory or visual stimulation. ASMR tingles are a combination of positive feelings and a slightly tingly feeling on the skin.

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How to get tingles from ASMR

Like I have mentioned before, you get tingles mostly by auditory or visual stimulation. This is different for each person. Some people are immune to the asmr tingles and the other is triggered very fast. Also, one gets triggered by audio stimulation and the other only by visuals.

For the average people, you don’t get asmr tingles that often. People who are watching ASMR videos for the first time don’t experience tingles most of the times, because they don’t know where to put the focus on.

Getting tingles as someone who is new to ASMR can be harder. People need to understand that they need to focus on a particular sound or visual. If I show ASMR to a friend right now, they probably are not getting tingled because they don’t know how.

If you don’t get tingles from asmr, try this:

Headphones or earplugs

First of all, make sure that you have headphones or earplugs. Two sides need to work because in ASMR they use binaural sounds and some triggers are only working with left and right sounds.

If you have headphones or earplugs, go sit alone and start an asmr video. This video should include your favorite asmr trigger. Do you have no favorite asmr trigger? Try to find one by watching the asmr videos with many triggers included.

Right mindset

Now watch to the video with the sound not too hard and not too soft. If you have a hard time to feel the asmr tingles, keep your eyes on the video. Some people can get triggered by ASMR playing in the background. Really put the focus on the sounds, and think about how nice the sound is.

Visit an asmr video with the mentality that ASMR is not your thing is wrong when you want tingles from ASMR. It is not proven yet, but ASMR can be a placebo. That is why you should be prepared before watching videos and get tingles from ASMR.

Watch visuals

Maybe you can’t get tingles from asmr by listening to triggers. Then you should try visuals asmr. Search on youtube videos with visual triggers and watch it. For me, this is just like audio triggers a nice way to trigger your ASMR.

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