ASMR: Why you should create low-quality ASMR

Creating ASMR videos is really fun to do. You can enjoy ASMR and help people out by giving ASMR. So you want to create your first ASMR videos but you can only create low quality because you can’t afford good quality equipment. I will tell you more about low quality and why you should create it.

For someone who wants to create asmr but just can’t create professional equipment, I recommend starting to create low-quality asmr videos. Did you know that many people prefer low-quality asmr rather than high-quality?

Make those videos until you can afford better equipment, or keep making those low-quality videos if you and your viewers do like it. With just making those videos you will gain a lot of knowledge about how to make asmr videos. This gives you a head start and then making asmr will be easier in the future.

What is low-quality asmr

Low-quality asmr does not necessarily mean exactly what the word says. It is not that the quality of the asmr is low but more the quality of the equipment is less good.

For example, if the creator does good sounds with good triggers and taught well about the video, this still can be a low-quality asmr. Because even when the triggers are good, when you record it with relatively bad microphones or with a bad camera you can consider as “low-quality asmr”.

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How to create low-quality asmr

The content is most of the times not on purpose. Low-quality is mostly made by people who just don’t get good equipment yet. But if you have good gear and you want to create low-quality asmr, you still can follow these easy steps.

First of all, make sure that you have some equipment. At least something you can record your audio with. This can be earplugs with a microphone inside or a microphone on your headset. Also, this can be a very cheap microphone. I suggest to not use the microphone of your laptop for example, because you will probably hear the fan while recording it, and that is very annoying.

Think about what you are going to make, and just start creating your low-quality asmr video. Makes sure in a free audio program like audacity, that the noise is deleted because you don’t want any unnecessarily loud sounds.

If you want to have more details about how to create an asmr video, I suggest to check out: How to become an asmr artist

low-quality vs high-quality

Whether you like to create low-quality asmr or high quality is an opinion. But there are some pros and cons of creating and watching both of them.

A really obvious con of creating low-quality asmr is that it is much cheaper. Of course, if you already have some equipment it is not going to be cheaper or more expensive. But if you have no microphone or camera yet, creating low quality is much cheaper.

On the other hand, videos with less quality are much easier to create and cost less time. Editing a high-quality video is, of course, more time expensive than low-quality.

Ok, high-quality asmr videos cost a lot more effort, but there are some pros by creating high-quality. More people, in general, do like high-quality asmr more, so more people will get triggers and so more viewers like your videos. Because people like your videos more, your video will get more views. So that means that you can earn more subscribers and money from those videos.

Personally, I prefer high-quality asmr when it comes to visuals and audio triggers. Getting the tingles from low-quality is hard because most of the times the quality of the camera is not good enough. But audio wise both of the qualities can be good enough to enjoy the triggers.

Why you enjoy low-quality asmr

There is not proven yet why some people like low-quality over high-quality. But there are some reasons why I think asmr followers do like low-quality more.

Some viewers maybe can be related more to the low-quality videos. For them, it is more real and not to set up. Also because the focus is more on the audio, people are going to focus on the audio more. With more focus, you can get more tingles. This doesn’t work for all people, but can be a reason why people enjoy low-quality.


The equipment that is used when creating a low-quality asmr video is cheap and simple. For recording the visuals, people are using a simple webcam very often. Also, asmr artist using a mobile phone such as iPhone.

Create low-quality asmr video doesn’t require a good microphone either. Obviously, you don’t pick a mic that constantly generates loud noise. But you can use like a microphone linked to headphones for example. A lot beginner asmr artist which create low-quality asmr does record the audio with their earplugs.

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