How to become an ASMR artist

The amount of ASMR channels are growing and you are thinking about creating a youtube channel where you create asmr content. Before you are going to create an asmr channel, you should first know how to become an asmr artist. BetterASMR is going to help you out and give you tips and tricks about how to become an asmr artist.

What is an ASMR artist

An ASMR artist is someone who is creating asmr content on whatever platform. If you show your asmr content to an audience, you can consider yourself as an asmr artist. The most common platform to show people their asmr content is Youtube. A lot of asmr artist are showing their videos there.

Think about your ASMR content

We recommend the first thing you should do before becoming an asmr artist, is think about your asmr content. Of course, you can do different types of asmr video’s, but it is good to pick your main content.

Because you have the main content, it is easier to pick your asmr channel name. Lots of asmr channel names are based on the content.

For example One of my favorite asmr artists is “fastasmr”.  Her name was obviously because of most of the videos where asmr videos with fast sounds. People who like the fast type of asmr more, are also more likely to find her channel.

So thinking about your asmr channel sounds weird, but will help you to become an asmr artist. This because it will help you to create your videos more, and will help you to pick your channel name.

Choose your ASMR microphone

For creating ASMR videos you will need a decent asmr microphone. When you create your first videos you don’t need a really expensive microphone. So if you are looking for an asmr microphone for under 100 dollars, you should definitely check out the link underneath here.

Check it out now: Best 5 Asmr microphones under 100 dollars.

So in the post above, I’ll talk about 5 microphones under the 100 dollars for beginners asmr artist. These microphones are tested and perfect for your first videos. Some of the popular asmr artist on youtube are still using one of the microphones.

An asmr video with a crappy microphone is not even a little bit relaxing, but only annoying. So it is important to choose your ASMR microphone before creating an asmr video.

best asmr microphones under 100

A decent ASMR camera

Maybe not the most important thing when you want to become an asmr artist, but in the end, you will need a good camera.

When you have a decent camera already, you can definitely use that one to record the visuals. Otherwise, you can consider to buy one, or start with just some background image or a calming video loop.

A lot of people only like asmr videos with some visuals in them. One likes the roleplay videos and the other just like the hand movement visuals. Personally, I think that visuals are needed in ASMR. But sometimes you only listen to the asmr when you are working for example.

So when you don’t have yet, decide if you are going to focus on the sounds for people that are listening to asmr as a background sounds. Or buy a camera for adding the visual triggers.

I suggest this camera if you want to become an asmr artist: Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

How to record your ASMR audio

So you got your asmr microphone and maybe your camera, and now you want to record your first asmr video. How do you record both sounds and visuals?

To record your sounds you will need a software program that records audio. Audacity is a free open source audio software that is used by a lot of professional asmr artists. This program is easy to use, and there are tons of tutorials out there which can help you with recording your audio.

When you just installed Audacity and you start recording, the sounds will probably not sound very well. This video, for example, gives an explanation to good Audicity settings so your audio sound more professional. If you think that video is not the right one, just search on youtube or google tutorials.

Edit you ASMR videos

You recorded the content and now you need to combine it by editing it. Just like the audio software, are there also good free video editing software out there. Openshot is an example and it is very easy to use and good for beginners who want to become an asmr artist.

I will not go deep into how to edit your videos, but videos can help you out. Also, I suggest to just edit the videos by yourself, because experiencing and messing around with the software will make you a better editor. Editing your videos as an asmr artist is very important. Knowing what and when to cut is a key to make your videos perfect.

Sometimes you can add effects on your content, and maybe loop your video to a longer video. Just mess around with your program and look to other asmr artist and learn more about how to become an asmr artist.

Create your first ASMR video

Once you know about recording and editing, it is time to finally create your first asmr video. This is the moment you are waiting on and it is very exciting. You sit in front of your microphone and maybe your camera and you start creating the tingles.

First, you think about what kind of video you are going to make, and then you think about what trigger sounds you want to use. After that, you open your recording programs and try to create a video.

Don’t compare your first videos with your favorite asmr artist. If you want to become an asmr artist, you will first upload content that is not perfect. Do not worry, almost no Youtuber started with the best content.

Also, your videos don’t get that many viewers, but that is also something that comes by the time. People will find your videos eventually and you will become more and more popular.

How to get more subscribers as an asmr artist?

If you want to get more subscribers on your Youtube channel, you have a couple of tricks to increase it. Subscribers are not everything, but it is a nice indication of how good you are doing your job.

React on asmr videos

Showing your channel by just reacting to other videos is a good way to get subscribers. But don’t be a spammer or an advertiser. Just react with a nice comment and people will see it, and click it by them self.

Be patience

Getting subscribers comes by the time. Don’t stop because you think you got to fewer subscribers. Keep making good content and the number will increase. So be patient and enjoy creating asmr videos.

Create social media

With social media, you can get a lot of traffic. Create an Instagram account for example and start upload asmr related stuff. Once you get followers, you can start promoting your own Youtube channel and gaining subscribers.

Collapse with other asmr artists

Become an asmr artist is sometimes hard to do alone. Find a partner with or without a youtube channel, and start to make videos together. This is either fun and useful because you can get subscribers from your friends Youtube channel.


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