5 Reasons Why ASMR is Good for You

Asmr became very popular and a lot of people are experiencing ASMR. But is ASMR good for you? I will tell you 5 reasons why asmr is good for you.

Why is ASMR good for you?

So ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is like a tingly feeling in your brain or body which caused by several things. Asmr became very popular, especially on YouTube.

Because you are going to watch ASMR, you want to know if asmr is good for you.¬† That’s why I am going to give you 5 reasons including facts why asmr is good for you.

So let’s get started with the first reason:

ASMR is stress relieving

If you are stressful, asmr can be a very good way to relieve it. Because you are distracted by the experience you completely forget the stress.

Stress is mostly caused by too much tension. Tension not only in the brains but also physically. The one is more sensitive to stress than the other. But if you are stressed it is important to relieve it as much as possible. A way to relieve it is to just don’t think about it. However this sounds easy, this can be more complicated.

When you come home from a heavy day of work or school it is ideal to just put on your comfy clothes and sit down and just watch some asmr.

ASMR for better sleeping

For many people who watch or listen to asmr are doing it before going to sleep. Because asmr is so calming and soothing, asmr is good for sleeping.

Sometimes you are thinking very much while trying to sleep. So much, that the brain is working the whole time. While your brain is working, you probably can’t sleep. ASMR can distract the brain so it can rest better.

Because it does not work for everyone, it may not work for you. But you can try to watch/ listen asmr before sleep, or try to listen while laying in bed with your earphones on.

The ASMR tingle feeling

The whole meaning of ASMR, in a nutshell, is that your body and/ or brain feels a tingly feeling. For example, when someone is scratching through your hair, you feel tingles around your head. This feeling is for many people a nice sensation.

It is hard to explain to people who never had any tingles, how nice the asmr tingles feels. Some people are “immune” for ASMR, but there are more and more professional researches going on right now.

ASMR for pain relieve

Speaking of good reasons for experiencing asmr. Asmr can be pain relieving. This is not proven yet, but a lot of people experienced pain relieve while watching asmr.

Asmr is not only about tapping sounds or head scratching. It can also be a kinda role play. Watching some role play can distract your body so it does not focus on the pain. This works almost the same for stress relieve. There are a lot more going on. But, the main reason why it should be pain relieving is that you just stop focussing on the pain.

Don’t feel alone with ASMR

Besides the relieving reasons can asmr also be nice for loneliness. This sounds a bit weird right? Many people are facing loneliness or just feeling lonely sometimes. Some asmr artist act like your friend or other related persons. Instead of calling your friend or family, you can just turn on your mobile or laptop and enjoy an asmr video.

As well as asmr artist acts like friends, asmr artist sometimes role play that he/ she is your boy/girlfriend. So, if you feel or are lonely, just watch some asmr and look at how you feel after.



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