ASMR: 20 best Trigger words for ASMR

What are asmr trigger words?

In asmr trigger words are a very common thing. Some Asmr artist is whispering and sometimes speaking trigger words. Most of the time the trigger words are pronounced while doing other asmr triggers like tapping and scratching for example.

Trigger words are the words that trigger the asmr of someone. For example: If “calm” is a trigger word for you, you feel tingles when someone is whispering or just pronouncing that trigger word.

Every asmr listener has different trigger words. But, most of the trigger words that asmr artist are whispering, are nice words for asmr to a lot of people.

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Why do words trigger your asmr?

Somehow trigger words are tingly, but why and how are the words asmr worthy.

Not only because the whispering of words is very calmly, and triggers the asmr of some people. But also because of the words that cause like little sounds and clicking while pronouncing it. Because of the little clicking sounds, people experiencing asmr.

Trigger words are like words with lots of triggers inside it. A word can include clicking, mouth sounds, and many more triggers, just by pronouncing certain words.

Also, trigger words can trigger the asmr because it reminds you of a particular memory. Memories can bring you back to the good old times, and that can cause asmr.

The best trigger words for asmr

Why are certain words the best trigger words for asmr? Because lots of words are including a specific letter in the word that can sound very nice. Letters with the K, P, and S are very common.

RaffyTaphyASMR created a video, titled: “ASMR s words are the best words”. In this video, he is just pronouncing trigger words with an “s” included. RaffyTaphyASMR, in general, is making very good asmr video’s. He is not uploading much, but if he does, it is well promising. I suggest to check out the video’s he made in the past.

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Asmr 20 trigger words list

  • Plastic
  • SK
  • Pretzel
  • Sprits
  • Snips
  • Whisk
  • Crisp
  • Example
  • Click
  • Horse
  • Shake
  • Honeycomb
  • Relax
  • Calm
  • Kiss
  • Coconut
  • Whiskey
  • Stipple
  • Sleep
  • Skittles

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